China en Barcelona

I completed the ‘China en Barcelona’ project for the Documentary  Photography specialialisation course with teacher Edu Ponces of Ruido Photo at the IEFC in 2020.  Barcelona today has a thriving and vibrant Chinese population now into its third generation. My original intention had been to go behind the scenes of various Chinese business and cultural activities in the city and show some of the great things these new citizens have brought to the Catalan capital. However, this proved more difficult than I’d anticipated, even with the help of Chinese friends and contacts.  Of course, nobody could have anticipated Covid-19 which came along just in time to put the kibosh on the 2020 Chinese New Year celebrations, which I had intended would be the culminating event for my documentary project. Nonetheless, in the brief time that I had in which to complete the project, I was able to at least show something of the Chinese influence in Barcelona as well as make portraits of a few members of that community in their different roles.

Photography completed between October 2019 and March 2020 in Barcelona.