Chez Nous – Chez Moi

I worked on this 2019 project at Grisart, under the guidance of teacher Enric Montes, I made half the photographs as portraits of buildings in the village where I live, and the second half as portraits of people inhabiting those buildings. The idea was to show on the one hand the village of buildings without people that casual passers-by see of the village particularly on hot summer afternoons when everyone is sheltering indoors, and on the other, to show the people who made up the village. The question being is the village its houses or its people?  In the middle two pages, I made a collage of photographs I’d taken of village events in the forty years up to 2019, showing the liveliness of the village that casual passers-by normally do not see. For French legal reasons I have not included photographs of people here. 

Photography completed between September 2018 and June 2019.