December 2021

There are currently no notices.

January 2022

I am booked onto the Falmouth University intensive Adobe Photoshop online ADC course. It is from 10h00 to 14h00 on 5,6,7, 10,11 & 12 January.

I took the Photoshop exam on 18th January and am pleased (relieved!) to announce that I passed and, to my amazement, I am now an Adobe Certified Professional.

Module 2 of the Photography MA, Informing Contexts, starts from 24th January.

February 2022

I am booked onto the Falmouth University PremierePro course, weekly from 3rd February to 17th March.

May 2022

3rd to 10th May Falmouth University InDesign intensive course.

Module 3 of the Photography MA ‘Sustainable Strategies’ commences from 30th May.

July 2022

4th to 7th July Falmouth University Premiere Pro intensive course.